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★ 2014 Webby Award Winner ★

Let’s make the most out of your phone:

► EverythingMe organizes your homescreen. Automagically.

► Search for anything - FASTER. Type just one letter to get apps, contacts or info.

► Get personalised app recommendations based on what YOU care about

► EverythingMe anticipates your needs, and surfaces the right apps and info

► Next time you miss a call, the contact will pop up right on your homescreen, no action needed!

Want more?

Facebook: https:www.facebook.comeverythingme

Twitter: https:twitter.comEverythingMe


EverythingMe is a Contextual Launcher™ that delivers what you need from your phone in just one tap.

The launcher surfaces the apps, contacts and information you’d want based on your context: your location, the time of day, your individual preference, and more. All your apps and information will remain on your phone, they’ll just be neatly organised and easier to access!


Smart Folders™

Your apps are automatically organised in folders that you choose, keeping your homescreen neat. Folders also contain convenient cards with articles, videos, and more.

Prediction Bar™

Delivers the apps you probably need right now, according to your context. For example: news apps in the morning, a call you missed from a friend, or the train schedule when you leave work. The more you use your phone, the more accurate your Prediction Bar will get!

Lightning Fast Search

The quickest, most personalised search tool for Android. Enter one letter in the search bar and get contacts, apps and web results - no more swiping through multiple screens!

Contextual App Discovery

Your launcher makes sure you know about new apps that you might like. You’ll find recommendations in your folders, and a variety of personalised suggestions in the App Wall. No need to search through millions of apps in the store - your launcher will help you discover great matches for you.

Everyday Uses

► Search for a contact by tapping just one letter in the search bar. Tip: you can drag and drop any item right to your homescreen, anytime.

► When you’re out and about, see nearby restaurants, transportation and venues in your ‘Around Me’ folder.

► When you’ve got a few minutes to play, check out the App Wall and find cool new games without having to search any app store!

The Buzz

" May Be the Smartest, Most Dynamic Android Launcher Yet". ~

"One app made me love Android and BLOWS AWAY iOS. One app." ~Robert Scoble

EverythingMe is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Hungarian, Hindi, Portuguese, Korean, Turkish, Tagalog, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Bulgarian, Catalan, Danish, Malay, Thai, Romanian, Slovak, Galician, Hebrew, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Croatian, Albanian, Czech, Latvian, Greek, Persian, Finnish, Norwegian, Serbian, Slovenian.

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Ünlûčkÿ Søfįãnë 3 years ago

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it's baaaad:(

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Harish Avru 3 years ago

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its a superb launcher comparing to other launchers...

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Harish Avru 3 years ago

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its feel something...

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Bhavesh Chaudhary 3 years ago

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Not so good not so bad its OK

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[MCPE]RovynGamer922 4 years ago

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its just amazing

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